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We conceived the thought of NutriOMFit to promote a holistic approach towards a healthy and happy life. We’re a group of Yoga practitioners and Certified Nutrition and Fitness consultants helping people to lead a healthy lifestyle with a unique approach. We promote HEALTH as a wholesome concept of physical, mental, nutritional, and social well-being package. We have helped hundreds of clients across India, US, UK, Australia, and Nigeria. Our clientele includes doctors, lawyers, teachers, IT professionals, kids, and homemakers.  We have hands-on experience in dealing with weight loss in diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, Pregnancy, obese kids/teens, PCOD, and PCOS profiles. We support people to reduce weight in a natural and sustainable approach using Yoga therapy, resistance, functional training, and Nutritional guidance.

We’re Fitness and Nutrition Enthusiasts with a mission of impacting people to build a healthy lifestyle.

Note: We DO NOT recommend meal replacement powders/tablets/supplements for weight loss. We believe in natural & healthy weight loss.

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What DO WE DO?​

We focus on understanding your calorie requirement to reduce weight based on your body stats and activity levels. We calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and TEE (Total Energy Expenditure) to design a personalized diet and training plan.


We address essential elements of health and happy weight loss segments by instilling an active and productive mindset for self-caring.

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