Yoga is a 5000 years heritage of India; a science which threads body, mind, and soul. YOGA Asanas – the physical aspect consists of various postures which align and drives the energy. Besides these asanas, Pranayama literally means extending life, Yogic breathing helps in controlling the speed of thoughts and calming down the system. Mudras (yogic hand gestures/postures) help in the prana flow to specific channels in our body. Meditation gives clarity and deep relaxation in this stressful digital era.

NutriOMFit Yoga classes are therapy-oriented based on your medical ailments asanas and pranayama are recommended. We are specialized in yoga assistance for multiple medical issues such as PCOS, PCOD, Diabetes, Antenatal (pre- and post-pregnancy) yoga, hypertension, post-COVID recovery, stress management, obesity, back, neck, shoulder, knee, and wrist pain, alignment correction, scoliosis, women’s hormonal conditions, autoimmune conditions, migraine, arthritis, sciatica, IT band syndrome, heart conditions, and alopecia.

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Our Services

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Private Therapeutic yoga

These online/on-demand in-person 1-1 classes will help you to gain the personal attention of a yoga trainer. Regular Private Yoga Therapy classes are advised for people with health disorders, it will help to build momentum and feel the enhanced benefits of the practice.

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Group classes

- Live workshops ​ NutriOMFit Online group yoga classes are the best sessions to stay active, cheerful, and calm within the everyday.

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Beginner Yoga Workshop

A detailed workshop on yoga adaption in the human body and other essential aspects of yogasanas.



Programs & Trainings


Weekly Work Out Session


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Daily YOGA Sessions

Yoga Teacher Training Program RYT200

Traditionally-driven 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course 2023

  • The NutriOMFit Yoga Faculty will help you to gain in-depth knowledge on traditional yogic aspects and yoga training.
  • 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is intelligently designed, with experienced yoga practitioners from India and London-based Yoga Teachers.
  • Become a fully certified Yoga Teacher with our NEW World-Class 200-Hour “Hybrid” Yoga Teacher Training Course accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.
  • YTTC 200 course will allow you to deepen your knowledge and training in yoga as well as qualify you to teach yoga
  • This course will help you learn expert and vital business skills to create different revenue streams, as well as teach specialized private yoga classes to manage a profitable yoga business.
“Hybrid” Online & In-Person Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course

45 Days


90 min


90 min



Including Exam Fee

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