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What We Offer For Good Health?

7 Day Challenge

12 week Fat loss program​​

Partner package​

Corporate package

7 Day Challenge

You want to start your weight loss journey by healthy eating and exercising, but!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are confused about where to start and how to start?

The 7-day challenge includes:

  1. A session on health & wellness
  2. Happy Meal plan
  3. Daily target-based activities
  4. Mindful habits building
  5. A dedicated whatsapp group for progress tracking

12 week Fat loss program​​

Customized Diet & Training plan based on your body stats, lifestyle and activity levels. It is a science-backed fat loss program with a balanced diet plan. This unique program focuses not only on nutrition and fitness but also on mental and social well being.

12-weeks package includes:

  1. Customized diet plan
  2. Fitness plan
  3. Morning and evening Live training program
  4. Stress & self-management
  5. Weekly progress tracker & daily habit tracker

Partner package​

Your workout partner can be a game-changer; to motivate, stay on track, and to have fun while working out. There are good enough reasons to start a partner program. Start your happy weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. 

Partner package includes:

  1. Personalized diet chart
  2. Muscle training chart (based on the individual body stats)
  3. Guided meditation
  4. Stress & self-management productivity sessions
  5. Morning and evening Live training program
  6. Weight management guide (post-program support)
  7. Dedicated whatsapp group for discussion

Corporate package​​​​

12-week Nutrition & Fitness Program

Managing time and stress is a big-time challenge for employees; though we work from home, we don’t invest time for our health and fitness. The 12- weeks of hand-holding to achieve a healthy weight loss, stress-free mind and guilt-free eating.

Corporate package includes

  1. Personalized diet & training chart (based on the individual body stats)
  2. Guided meditation
  3. Stress & self-management productivity sessions
  4. Social & Emotional help (post-covid recovery phase)
  5. Morning and evening Live training program (post-program support)
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